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The CDS Alumni Portal Help (How Do I...)
This is the module to help you'll use the portal.
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 How Do I ...
Alumni can also append their answers to the questions in addition to Requesting Questions. If it's not related to using the portal, consider putting it as a new thread in the discussion board or message board.
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How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 11:35 (27733 reads)
This can be answered in a number of ways. I shall pick one of them.

1. Register first. Many of the functions are available only to Registered members! The following assumes that you have registered and logged in.

2. Start by seeing the Alumni Directory on the Main Menu (Left Side of Screen). Choose the input criteria to be searched - and see the results. (Usually this is used to search for the alumni of your batch.)

3. Take Part in the discussions by going into the discussion area, putting your views forth in existing topics or starting your own topic to initiate discussion.

4. Put your messages in the Message Board/ Guest Book, and read a few that have been put by others. A good method is to announce your commencement of use by putting a simple message such as "Hi!, I am XYZ from 2007 Batch, and have begun using the portal today." This will allow the others to see your message and possibly you will receive messages from long lost friends.

5. You may say something in the area called Shoutbox which is shown in the logged in users home page. Only the last 20 Shouts (Messages Are shown from this feature), rest are deleted, so in case you want a more permanent entry, consider using the Message Board or the Discussion Board.

6. Upload a few photographs from the Photos Section, and you can immediately see yours on the main page in the Latest Picture Uploaded Section on the Right Side. Ofcourse, your entries will be viewable by users.

7. Explore the Portal and use various functions in it to connect with other alumni.

8. You can send the alumni a private message (referred to by the button "PM" in the alumni Directory and other areas. This will always be delivered to the corresponding alumni when he/she logs in in the "Inbox". If the person has given an email id, you can also email to him/ her, however we advise using PM unless you are sure that the email supplied is correct.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 11:36 (26399 reads)
I shall preface the answer with a couple of relevant sentences. This forum is only for ex-students of CDS School. Thats the only entry criteria, if you meet it, you are welcome to join.

How do you register? You can do this in two ways.
1. Email your name, graduation year, graduation class, to with a cc to Please include some relevant data to help us verify such as your Enrollment Number, Your Current Telephone Number, and whatever other information you deem pertinent. Within 48 hours, you should receive your username, password, through which you can log in and manage the rest of the relationship without our intervention.

2. In the beginning till further notice, we have kept the registrations automatic, so that we can verify after you have registered. There is a link titled 'Register Now' or/ and 'Register' in the login section. Click on that and fill in the few fields. The second page information is not required to be entered. After the system checks the validity of your email by asking you to reply to a message, you will be registered.

If you have any difficulty, please feel free to write an email to with your query or difficulty. We want you to participate in this movement and wan t to make your entry as smooth as possible.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 21:27 (28158 reads)
Some of the below points would appeal to some, and others to others, whereas, some more would find unlisted benefits.

- Connect to other alumni
- It is the official site, so the basic data is official, and every alumni is listed (different from yahoo groups etc started by a few but incomplete membership and thus incomplete basic data)
- Access to Alumni Relations Officer at CDS School
- Discussion Board
- Message Board
- Upload and See your own Photos, share them with schoolmates
- Publish your news and articles on the portal and it becomes accessible on the internet
- Message in the shoutbox and last 20 are shown on the home page
- Search for long lost friends in the Alumni Directory and through the other areas such as Discussion Board
- Search for new jobs (post known vacancies too in the Discussion Board)
- Private Messages to send messages to specific alumni privately

All the above are currently operational.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 19:39 (11768 reads)
You need to login to upload photos. After logging in,
1. Click Photos on the main menu
2. Either Click on Submit, right below the Photos menu item on the main menu or click on 'Add Photo' on the photos page.
3. On the page that is shown, Enter Title of Photo, Description, Choose the category (CDS Main is the general category that can be chosen), Select the file - Browse for the photo on local disk that you want to upload, and click on Submit.
System will return a message that the photo was received on successful upload, or shall respond with an error message with cause if for some reason (such as file too large, format not supported) the upload did not go through.

The general formats and the general photo sizes are supported.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 19:22 (2247 reads)
Discussion Board - Discussion about specific topics via a threaded model

Message Board - Like a Guest Book or a Visitors Book in which alumni can leave their messages.

Shout Box - Displays the last twenty shouts (messages) on the home page. Only members can shout.

News & Articles - More formal in nature than a message board or a discussion board. This is for the news that alumni want to share or an article that he/ she wants to write.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 19:25 (9012 reads)
To report bugs write to with as much detail as possible including
1. page you found the bug in,
2. what had you pressed
3. which theme were you using
4. error message shown, if any

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 20:22 (16586 reads)
Usually, photos containing yourself, either alone, or with family or friends are uploaded.

Uploading pictures without you in them is of no use, as the other viewers relate to you as an individual not to the scenery.

Pictures of yourself at home/ work or on a vacation with a pertinent description are ideal.

Please do not upload objectionable content as we may ban you and your IP from the portal, and report the same to the proper authorities, in addition to removing the offending material.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 04-Jan-2010 20:30 (8253 reads)
Choose another theme from the themes section.

Start by Choosing either 'lotr_v2' (this is a nice Lord of the Rings Theme), or 'myxoops'. In 'myxoops', you can change the colours from top left also.

Some of the themes show better with a particular monitor size, screen resolution, or browser - so experiment with the themes to see what fits/ feels best for you.

The theme gets changed for you alone for the current session.

Related Question -> "How do I tell the system to use a particular theme everytime I log in?"

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 07-Jan-2010 12:36 (1153 reads)
Avatars are small graphics or pictures that can be used in various content settings around the site. They are often used next to a user name to add a bit of ‘visual identification’.

You can choose among the preselected images, or you can upload your own image.

How Do I ... ]
Requested and Answered by AdminAlum on 07-Jan-2010 16:58 (1924 reads)
In Main Menu Click Photos. In the Submenu just below that, click on My Photos. The photos uploaded by you will be displayed on the main screen. Hover your mouse over the options and you will find an Edit option. Click that, and the image will be opened alongwith a delete button on the bottom right. Click delete, confirm your action, and the photo will be removed.